Restore Your Core Explored

Restore Your Core Explored

Sunday 28 February & 7 March 2021
2 – 4pm GMT / 9-11am EST, £87
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This practical, movement-based workshop will offer a full-body approach to healing core issues. Treating core and pelvic floor health as a whole-body issue – rather than something to be spot-treated – we will explore a rage of tools to build core strength and function, improve pelvic floor integrity and correct posture. This workshop is a must for anyone who has diastasis recti (abdominal separation), prolapse, incontinence, back pain or is post-natal.

During the workshop we will:

– Practice rehabilitation-focused movement to address muscular imbalances that can affect the core’s ability to function well;

– Explore the fundamentals of healthy alignment, and why certain lifestyle choices may compromising the core;

– Learn how the breath can help (or hinder) the core’s ability to function optimally;

– Discover why isolated pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels may be more harmful than helpful;

– Learn how to integrate core and pelvic floor exercises into everyday movement, or into other settings such as a yoga class;

– Look at a range of ways to activate the deep abdominal muscles, not just abs, without compromising breath, range of movement or alignment – and find out when it’s best to let it all hang out;

The workshop will provide a safe and informative space to share, enquire and explore a range of tools for core healing. Following the workshop participants will be given homework videos to follow, to keep up the good work.