Mindful Movement

Mindful Movement is a system of corrective exercises designed to help your body move better and feel better. Combining principles of yoga and Pilates with the latest findings in movement science, Mindful Movement classes will re-educate your body to move efficiently, smoothly and with less stress or strain.

Mindful Movement is not just about what you learn on the mat during a session, it is a lifestyle choice that teaches you how to be happy in your skin. We will explore what alignment issues are contributing to your imbalances, look at movement patterns to restore balance and function into the body, and you will learn how to make the wisest choices for your body, from the style of footwear you choose, to how you carry your children.

Mindful Movement is for anybody who cares about bringing their body into balance. From professional sportspeople, including Yorkshire County Cricket Club players and Leeds United first team players, to post-natal women, osteoporosis sufferers and pregnant women with pelvic dysfunction, I have worked with a range of people and a range of needs, each experiencing huge revelations about their body’s movement strategies and uncovering their movement blind-spots. This results in an improvement in body awareness, mobility, stability and overall condition.

Sessions are carried out on a 1-1 basis. A full movement assessment is carried out during the first session, and exercises are then given to address any imbalances. Homework is given after every session to ensure your body’s new habits are formed quickly and effortlessly. Within 6-8 sessions, clients usually report an improvement in mobility and a much greater awareness of their body.