Restore Your Core – a CPD event for health care professionals

Restore Your Core – A CPD event for health care professionals

This hands-on, movement-based workshop will teach you a range of tools to support your patients who have core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Treating core dysfunction as a whole-body issue, we will:

  • Identify common alignment patterns that can compromise core function;
  • Practice movements to address muscular imbalances and improve whole-body alignment so the core can work reflexively;
  • Learn how to correct faulty breathing patterns that increase intra-abdominal pressure;
  • Explore abdominal vacuuming protocol to create a passive engagement of the deep core and pelvic floor muscles;
  • Practice a range of techniques to assist with activating the deep core muscles without compromising range of movement, breathe or alignment.

This event is open to osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists, midwives and any health care professional who is looking for a holistic approach to core wellness.

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