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Mindful Movement for Every Body

Hi. I am Louisa, a movement teacher, body worker, core rehabilitation specialist, mum of 3 and all-round body geek.

I offer group yoga classes that are suitable for all levels and abilities, including pregnant and post-natal women, as well as classes that aim to build strength, restore function and facilitate core and pelvic floor healing.

In addition to movement, I also offer hands-on treatments to using myofascial release. This gentle, non-invasive treatment works deep into the body to release tension, restore alignment and ease chronic pain in the soft tissues. It is also highly effective in releasing scar tissue so the body can move with more ease and restore function.

I work with clients on a 1-1 basis, both in person and remotely via video link, so my clients are not limited by geographical location.

All 1-1s appointments are tailor-made to fit the client’s needs and draw from my range of experience as a yoga, Pilates, Restore Your Core™ and Hypopressives teacher. During in-person appointments I often incorporate some gentle myofascia release work to realign the body, release debilitating scar tissue and enable the body to move with more ease.

As Director of Education for Restore Your Core™ I am passionate about teaching laypeople and healthcare professionals about core rehabilitation, and how best to facilitate healing. I offer professional development courses, workshops and talks to educate movement teachers, doctors, midwives and body workers about the latest research and best practice in core and pelvic health.

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Restore Your Core – 6 week course

Tuesdays 14th Sept – 19th Oct (online via Zoom)
Tuesdays 2nd Nov – 7th Dec (online via Zoom)

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Core Pelvic Floor and More

Saturday 2nd Oct (York)

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Rethinking Core & Pelvic Floor – CPD

Saturdays 13th and 20th Nov  (online via Zoom)

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